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Indoor exercises can be fun and save you money and time

Inside Activities

Sometimes, the weather can make it tough to be active!

Whether it's cold, heat, snow, or rain keeping you inside -- we sure get all seasons here in Illinois. What can you do to stay active? Here are four fun tips to get you started!

  • Try indoor walking! You can do this anywhere. Walk in place or around your home while watching a favorite TV show or movie. If you have access to an indoor mall or track, try that for a change of scenery.
  • Let's dance! Turn on your favorite music or dancing television show and start dancing along. Make sure there is plenty of space to move around!
  • Set up a relay game. Create 4-5 stations with different activities. Try walking in place, jumping jacks, toe touches, and more. Get the whole family involved and take turns picking out activities.
  • Try a new exercise video. Check out a free exercise video from the local library to try something new! Many libraries have lots of old and new videos available to take home.

If activity is new to you, make sure to read our Safety Tips section before getting started!

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