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Get Started Saving

Planning ahead is key to saving money!

“The tips I learned on saving money at the store have been so helpful. I am able to now save money to purchase other things that my children need and also save money for our family."

Getting Started

Doing a little bit of planning before you go to the store can help you save time and money at the grocery store. It can also make weekday meals a little easier when you just want to get something on the table. Follow these tips to make meal planning a little easier. Use steps 1 and 2 to decide what meals may work this week. Visit our recipes section to find a new recipe to try!

  1. Shop your pantry. Take a moment to take stock of what you already have. Do you have any ingredients that are reaching the end of their shelf-life. Prioritize meals that use those ingredients. 
  2. Checking grocery store circulars/ads. Look at advertisements to see what is on sale where you buy groceries. Compare prices between store and name brands
  3. Make a list. Now that you know what’s in your pantry, what’s on sale, and you’ve considered which recipes you want to use, you’re ready to put it all together and make a list. If you use recipes when you cook, look for recipes that use some of the ingredients you already have, or will buy on sale. Consider doubling up for leftovers later in the week!  
  4. Coupons can be helpful, but be aware. Use coupons only for items you will use at home and if they are really saving you money.

Where to Shop Near You

Where do you shop for foods and beverages? You can purchase foods at the local grocery store, corner store, super center, or farmers market. Use our Find Food IL Map to find locations near you by clicking on the Find Food IL icon at the top of this page. 

On the Find Food IL map, enter your zip code or city to get started. Click on the blue map icon to see all of the locations in your area in a list. Use the resource type buttons to narrow your search to certain types of food resources. The locations and hours of operation for the resources listed on this map are subject to change without advance notice. Please call ahead to verify the days and hours of operation.

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