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Calcium: The Backbone of Healthy Development

December 18, 2017
We know that childhood is a very important time for growth. Kids are exploring their environments and making sense of the world around them. What they experience can have a big impact on their future choices. This is true for nutrition, too! Children are learning what foods they like and what ones they would rather avoid. Parents are tasked with providing nutritious meals that will help their children’s minds and bodies grow strong. Calcium is important for all of us, but it is especially beneficial for children and young adults.
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Enjoy Whole Grains for a Burst of Flavor (and Nutrition!) at Meals and Snacks

February 7, 2017
There are two types of grains in our diet: whole grains and refined grains. A whole grain contains the entire grain kernel and contains a much richer flavor and nutrition. Refined grains have outer layers of the grain removed during processing. Many of us eat plenty of grains (think pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, and tortillas) but are low in intake of whole grains. A great goal is to consume at least half of your grains from whole grain sources, and it can be easy to do! Whole Grain Needs:
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Not all Carbohydrates are Created Equal

November 8, 2018
Have you heard others say, “I can’t eat that because it has carbs in it”? It is a common, yet untrue belief that carbohydrates are bad for us. Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet! Why do our bodies need carbohydrates? Our body needs sugar for fuel. Carbohydrates are turned into sugar in our body. When we don’t eat enough sugar, our body can’t work at its best. We might get tired easily at work, and not have enough energy to be active or concentrate. What are different types of carbohydrates?
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Eat More Fiber and Boost Your Health!

April 3, 2018
Did you know that less than 3% of Americans get enough fiber in their diets? It is recommended that women eat 25 grams of fiber per day and men 38 grams. On average, Americans only eat about 50% of the amount of recommended fiber per day. Eating enough fiber each day has benefits for your overall health. How can you eat that much fiber? Eating a balanced and colorful diet, making half your grains whole grains, and aiming for 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day is the easiest way to reach your daily fiber goal.
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