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Cooking Basics

Cooking Methods

If you are on the hunt for a healthier recipe, look for cooking methods that don’t require additional fat.

putting a casserole in the oven to bake

No Added Fat:

  • Baking: To cook in an oven 
  • Grilling: To cook from direct heat that is below the food 
  • Broiling: To cook from direct heat that is above the food, typically in an oven or toaster oven.
sauteing vegetables on stove

Needs Added Fat:

  • Frying: To cook by submerging at least part of the food in a skillet of fat 
  • Sautéing: To cook quickly over high heat with a little fat 
  • Stir-Frying: Similar to sautéing. In stir-frying, the food is constantly moved around by stirring or shaking the pan.

How to Measure Ingredients

Make sure your recipe turns out great every time by measuring your ingredients correctly.

measuring cups for dry ingredients

Dry Ingredients

  • Dry measuring cups are meant to hold the exact amount of an ingredient when they are filled to the top.
  • Spoon your dry ingredient into the measuring cup. Do not scoop the measuring cup directly into the ingredient. Overfill the cup and then level off with the flat edge of a butter knife. 
  • Do not pack down, shake, or tap dry ingredients while measuring. Brown sugar is different. Recipes often call for brown sugar to be packed down.
liquid measuring cup

Liquid Ingredients

  • Liquid measuring cups typically have a pouring spout and a handle. Liquid measuring cups will show multiple measurement lines on the side of the cup.
  • Fill the liquid measuring cup to correct measurement line. 
  • Be sure to place the cup on a flat surface and check the amount by looking at the liquid at eye level. 
measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons can be used for wet and dry ingredients when you are measuring very small amounts.

Measurement Conversions

Changing the size of a recipe can mean lots of extra math. Check out these handy tools that can help take the guesswork out of doubling or halving any recipe!

Liquid Measurements
CupsTablespoonsTeaspoonsMillimetersFluid Ounces
1/8 cup2 T6 tsp30 ml1 oz
1/4 cup4 T12 tsp59 ml2 oz
1/3 cup5T + 1 tsp16 tsp79 ml2 2/3 oz
1/2 cup8 T24 tsp118 ml4 oz
3/4 cup12 T36 tsp177 ml6 oz
1 cup16 T48 tsp237 ml8 oz


Solid Measurements

1/8 cup2 T6 tsp
1/4 cup4 T12 tsp
1/3 cup5T + 1 tsp16 tsp
1/2 cup8T24 tsp
3/4 cup12 T36 tsp
1 cup16 T48 tsp

Weight Measurements

14 g1/2 oz
28 g1 oz
113 g4 oz
227 g8 oz
340 g12 oz
454 g16 oz


Volume Measurements
GallonsQuartsPintsCupsFluid OuncesLitersMilliliters
1 gal4 qts8 pt16 cups128 fl oz3.78L3785 ml
1/2 gal2 qts4 pt8 cups64 fl oz1.89L1893 ml
1/4 gal1 qt2 pt4 cups32 fl oz0.95L946 ml
1/8 gal1/2 qt1 pt2 cups16 fl oz0.47L473 ml