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Beverages Department

There are so many choices when it comes to drinks. It really can be tough to know which ones are the best options for you and your family. Many drinks have added sugar, fat, or salt. Balance your beverage choices with activity and healthy foods for a lifestyle that works for you.

Best Drink Choices

Choose these drinks most often to stay hydrated.

water bottle
Water (plain or seltzer)
cup of tea
Unsweetened Tea or Coffee (limit coffee to 4 cups per day or less)
milk bottle
1% or Fat-Free Milk (3 cups per day)

Water is the most hydrating drink to choose and should be your primary drink. You can choose unsweetened coffee and tea, but limit these choices to around four cups per day due to the increased caffeine content. Milk is a great choice because it is an excellent source of calcium and provide protein and other nutrients as well. 

Choose These Drinks Less Often

Drink these beverages less often.

can of diet soda
Diet Soft Drinks or Diet Sodas
flavored water can
Flavored Waters
100% juice box drink
100% Fruit Juice

Diet soft drinks are not an ideal source of hydration. They typically contain additional caffeine and should be limited. 100% juice is a good source of nutrients, but also lacks the fiber from the whole fruits. Since limiting sugar in beverages is important, even 100% juice that contains natural sugar from fruit should be limited to around one-cup per day.

Choose These Drinks Rarely

Choose these drinks the least often.

energy drink in a bottle
Sports Drinks
soda can
Soft Drinks or Sodas
cocktail in martini glass with a cherry
Alcoholic Beverage

These drinks have more added sugars, fats, or alcohol. Other drinks to choose rarely include: fruit flavored drinks with added sugars, sweetened coffees, milkshakes, and smoothies. While smoothies can be made with nutrient-dense ingredients, they should rarely be chosen for hydration purposes. Some smoothies can be considered a snack or a part of a meal rather than a beverage.