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Canned Foods

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Canned foods are great items to stock up on. Not only do canned foods have long shelf lives, but they can be nutritious and affordable. 

Canned goods

Canned Produce

Canned fruits and vegetables are harvested and canned at peak season and are nutritionally similar to fresh or frozen options. They are also available year-round, making them a great choice for any season. 

Know Before You Go: Canned Produce
  • For vegetables, be sure to drain and rinse these items to wash off extra sodium. You can also purchase “no salt added” or “low-sodium” varieties.
  • For fruit, look for items that are canned in 100% juice rather than syrup.
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Canned Proteins, Soups and Other Foods

Canned proteins, like fish, beans and meats, can be a great affordable option for quick meals. They are often less expensive than fresh and frozen meats. Canned meats are fully cooked before canning, so they can be eaten right out of the can, or thrown into a meal of your choice. Other popular canned goods include coconut milk, broths, and soups.

Know Before You Go: Canned Proteins, Soups and Other Foods
  • For the best tasting canned proteins, seasoning and browning is your friend! For seasoning, use your favorite herbs and spices. 
  • Canned meats and beans are great options to put in a casserole or to use as a base for burgers where the flavor can be enhanced by browning it in a heated pan.
  • For canned soups, opt for low sodium offerings. You can also use canned soup as a base, and add in your favorite vegetables, meats, beans, and seasonings. 

Tip: Watch out for dented or buckled cans. Sometimes these cans are damaged during shipping or packing, but in other cases, this may mean that the food inside the can has spoiled.