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10 Ideas to Be Active Indoors!

January 10, 2023
Bad weather doesn't have to stop you from getting in your exercise! The next time the weather has you stuck inside, remember these fun ideas to be active at home.   1. Walk around your home    To pass the time, talk on the phone with friends or family or listen to music or audiobooks.    2. Walk around an indoor public space    For example, you can walk the perimeter of a grocery store or inside a mall.  
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Holiday Leftover Guide: Side Dishes

December 12, 2022
If you’re planning a holiday meal or potluck, chances are you will have at least a few side dishes at the table. Once everyone has had a chance to dig in, you might have some leftover potatoes, breads, stuffing, and maybe even a few veggies. Using your side dishes as ingredients in other recipes can keep your post-holiday meals exciting. POTATOES Holiday meals are often full of potato options. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams are great on their own or remixed into a new dish. Here are just a few ideas to liven up your leftover potatoes:
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Holiday Leftover Guide: Main Dishes

November 21, 2022
Repurposing your holiday leftovers is a great way to save you time and money during the busy holiday season. Plus, creating new dishes out of your favorite holiday foods reduces food waste and keeps you from eating the same thing day after day! Think Outside the Recipe Box Many holiday meals include whole birds or roasts, so you may have some meat left over. Luckily, meats are versatile in recipes. Turkey, ham, chicken, beef and pork roasts can all be used interchangeably in…
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Holiday Leftovers Guide: Food Safety

November 7, 2022
Another holiday has come and gone, and once again, you’re left with a mountain of leftovers. But this year, you’re going to do something different. Rather than eat the same leftovers for the next couple days, you’re going to transform them into quick, delicious meals that won’t bust your budget! In this three-part series, we’ll talk about how to safely store your leftovers and help you use every part of your holiday meal.
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Make Your Exercise Goals SMART!

October 17, 2022
For many adults, getting in daily exercise can be a challenge. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle strengthening. Whether you struggle with motivation or finding the time to move, SMART goals can help you start and maintain a new fitness plan.
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Create your own soup with what's in the kitchen

February 6, 2019
What's for dinner tonight? Sometimes, that's not an easy question to answer.  Our latest blog series focuses on meals to make based on what's already in your kitchen at home. This week, the recipe is perfect for a cold winter night: soup! Weeknight Pantry Soup Ingredients:
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What's in the Pantry? Make a DIY Casserole!

January 22, 2019
When it's cold outside, nothing is better for dinner than a hearty, delicious casserole! Make your own at home by using our simple six category DIY (do it yourself) casserole recipe with what's already in your kitchen.
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Not all Carbohydrates are Created Equal

November 8, 2018
Have you heard others say, “I can’t eat that because it has carbs in it”? It is a common, yet untrue belief that carbohydrates are bad for us. Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet! Why do our bodies need carbohydrates? Our body needs sugar for fuel. Carbohydrates are turned into sugar in our body. When we don’t eat enough sugar, our body can’t work at its best. We might get tired easily at work, and not have enough energy to be active or concentrate. What are different types of carbohydrates?
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Highlight Fresh Tomatoes with Homemade Salsa

July 16, 2018
Have you tried a tomato yet this summer? A tomato always seems to taste better when in-season and grown close to home. We all know that tomatoes are used to make salsa, though many of us may only have tried fresh salsa when we go out to eat at restaurants. Next time, ditch the bottled variety at home, too – you can easily make your own! Selecting Tomatoes: Choose tomatoes with bright, shiny skin (while red is the most common, tomatoes do also come in other colors, such as purple or yellow). Avoid tomatoes that have cuts or bruises.  
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July's Recipe of the Month: Kiwi Strawberry Parfait!

July 2, 2018
Cool off in the heat of summer with our July featured recipe, Kiwi Strawberry Parfait! You can make the recipe your own with different fruit and yogurt flavors, too. Kiwi Strawberry Parfait Serves: 2 Ingredients: 2 kiwifruit, peeled and sliced 1 cup fresh (or thawed from frozen) strawberries, sliced 1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup corn or bran flakes cereal   Preparation:
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