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Plan and Save

Pack a Better Lunch

September 26, 2023
Packing a lunch is a great way to save money and eat nutritiously during the work or school day. With a little planning, you can make it a part of your daily routine. Start by asking yourself a few questions.
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Write a Better Grocery List

February 14, 2023
Do you need extra wiggle in your budget? Creating and using a grocery list can help! The less time you spend in a store, the less you’re likely to spend. A grocery list can help you get in and out of the store with the food items you need. First, what do you want to cook this week? Plan out a few meals around your weekly schedule. Next, what is in your cupboards, refrigerator, or freezer? Add to or change your meal plan with these food items. Using what you already have on hand will decrease food waste and save you money too.
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Holiday Leftovers Guide: Food Safety

November 7, 2022
Another holiday has come and gone, and once again, you’re left with a mountain of leftovers. But this year, you’re going to do something different. Rather than eat the same leftovers for the next couple days, you’re going to transform them into quick, delicious meals that won’t bust your budget! In this three-part series, we’ll talk about how to safely store your leftovers and help you use every part of your holiday meal.
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What's in the Pantry? Make a DIY Casserole!

January 22, 2019
When it's cold outside, nothing is better for dinner than a hearty, delicious casserole! Make your own at home by using our simple six category DIY (do it yourself) casserole recipe with what's already in your kitchen.
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Yes, You Can! (Use Canned Fruits & Veggies This Winter)

January 17, 2017
Winter in Illinois can mean spending more money at the store for fresh fruits and vegetables. One way to save the budget is to include more canned items in your diet! Canned fruits and vegetables are full of nutrition and flavor and can be used in many of your favorite dishes. You can use them year-round, too, and many of our recipes have both canned and fresh options. - Our Favorite Ways to Include More Canned Fruits or Vegetables:
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One Chicken, Three Meals

December 19, 2017
Cooking a whole chicken feeds your family and saves you money. Most recipes call for boneless skinless chicken breast, but it can be very expensive. If you buy the whole chicken instead, you can save up to $2.00 per pound. These savings are not just for one meal. With just a few extra steps, your family can enjoy just one chicken in three different and tasty ways. Meal 1: Roasted Chicken
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