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mom and son playing outside

Family Activities

Family time is a fun time!

How do you like to be active together? Try our top five ways to be active together this spring and summer!

  1. Go on a Family Walk! Put on the sunscreen and lace up your sneakers. Walk to a nearby park or around the block together. Push a stroller so that babies and toddlers can join in, too!
  2. Have a Family Dance Party! Turn on your favorite music and dance together around your home.
  3. Play Active Games Outside! Play tag in the yard or at the park, kick around a playground or soccer ball, and more.
  4. Plant a Family Garden! Use space in the yard or planters that you can have on a deck or windowsill. Visit A Taste of Gardening to help you get started.
  5. Make Physical Activity a Treat! Take advantage of free or low-cost places in your community, such as parks, playgrounds, or zoos, and use those as a special treat. The whole family will have a great time!

If activity is new to you, make sure to read our Safety Tips section before getting started!

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