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Chores Count, too!

Cartoon Basketball Raking Leaves

Even though they may not be your favorite form of exercise, chores count toward your daily activity. Find activities that need to be done anyway! Make it more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook. You can even call a friend or family member to chat while you work to pass the time. Get the whole family involved so you can get through your chores fast and get back to the activities you enjoy. Here are a few ideas for chores that can work up a sweat.

Tip: If you spend most of your time sitting during work, spend break time moving more. Use a higher table or counter as a desk so you can stand more during your work day.

mom and son vacuuming
Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
dad and toddler son hang laundry to dry
Cleaning and folding laundry
man washing dishes at sink
Washing/drying dishes by hand
woman tending tomatoes on a balcony
two men raking leaves, one holds open the bag
Raking leaves
mom and daughter going up the stairs
Taking the stairs