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Frozen Foods Department

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Frozen foods are budget friendly, convenient and have a great shelf life. Frozen produce is picked when it is in season and immediately frozen, so you can have affordable, in-season fruits and vegetables year-round.

Made-from-scratch meals are great, but there isn’t always time to spend hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking meals. This is where the frozen foods section can help! Toss some pre-cut frozen veggies into your casserole or soup. Frozen breaded chicken strips will work well in your next chicken parmesan dish. You can even grab a quick side dish like a grain and vegetable blend so that you don’t have to make all parts of your meal from scratch. 

Frozen Foods: Know Before You Go
  • Watch out for added sodium and sugar, especially in veggies and fruit that have sauces or marinades on them. 
  • If you are picking out frozen dinners, check that there is a balance to the meal you choose. Look for meals that have a protein, veggie and starch (bonus if the starch is a whole grain!) Some frozen dinners can be higher in sodium and saturated fats, so compare products to find alternatives if sodium and saturated fats are a concern for you. 
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables are a great choice. They have the same nutrients as when they are fresh, but last much longer than fresh in the freezer.