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How Can Kids Help in the Kitchen?

Kids love to help out in the kitchen! If your child is interested in food, or having trouble trying new foods, having them assist at meals or snacks is a great way to get them involved.
We have tried and true tips to get you started with your kids as young as two or three. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions and different children may be ready at different ages for certain skills. All of these skills should be supervised by an adult. Have fun and enjoy your time together!

*Between 2-3 Years*

  • Wipe tables with a dry or damp cloth (make sure child can easily reach table)
  • Tear lettuce or greens for a salad
  • Rinse fruits or vegetables under running water
  • Snap green beans and asparagus
  • Help turn pages in a cookbook

*Between 3-4 Years*

  • Add ingredients to a bowl with supervision
  • Stir pancake mix, cake mix, pudding, etc.
  • Talk about food and cooking

*Between 4-5 Years*

  • Help measure dry ingredients
  • Help put together sandwiches and salads
  • Help set the table

*5 Years and Older*

  • Measure liquids
  • Cut soft fruits and breads with a dull knife
  • Crack eggs and mix with an egg beater

Source: Kitchen Activities for Kids, USDA.

February 14, 2017
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