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Stay Active with a Scavenger Hunt

Illustration of treasure map for an indoor scavenger hunt with basketball mascots high fiving

Looking for a family-friendly activity that will keep your kids entertained and active? Creating a scavenger hunt at home is a great way to challenge your kids while getting to move. All you need is scrap paper, a pen, and some household items. 

How to Set-Up Your Scavenger Hunt

First, find an object that you want to hide as treasure. This could be your child(ren)’s favorite stuffed animal, their favorite book, or a special snack. Once you’ve picked your treasure, place it in a safe area where your child(ren) won’t immediately find it. Next, find items around the house that you can create riddles for. These can be common household items that your child(ren) will be able to see and touch. After picking out the items, write riddles on the scrap pieces of paper. Depending on how old your child(ren) is, you can make these riddles as easy or as hard as you want. The first riddle can be handed to your child(ren) and the last riddle should lead to the treasure. The remaining riddles should be placed one object ahead of what the riddle is written about. So, if you hand a riddle to your child for a clock, the next riddle should be attached to the clock and will lead to a new object. You can also number the slips of paper to keep track of where each riddle should go. 

Creating Riddles

If you are having a hard time coming up with clues, we’ve made a list of riddles of common household items. You can also look online for riddles based on your child(ren)’s age. 


Facial Tissue: I am white and soft. You can use me when you have a runny nose or cough. Whether you are sick or sad, it is good to have me in hand. 

Picture on a wall: I like to be hung up, for all to see. I can be painted, drawn, or photographed, but I am not in 3D.

Pet Toy: I am your (pet’s name) favorite thing. I might crinkle, I might ring. I love to play, anytime of day. 

Clock- I have a face, but no nose or mouth. “Tick-tock” I say. North is 12 and 6 is south. Use me to know when you are on the way.

Juice- I’m made of fruits and berry. I love an extra squeeze. Vitamin C is what I carry. Drink me for breakfast if you please.

Coin- I am a copy, I have one head, and one tail. But I don’t have a body. 

Light- I fill up a room, with different colors. I take up no space and when I am turned off, I leave no trace. 

Sponge- I am firm when dry and squishy when wet. I have lots of holes in me, but I can hold lots of water, you’ll see. 

Book- I have lots to say but I never speak. I open up but you cannot walk through me, I have a spine but no bones. 

December 1, 2023