Example Workout

woman doing warrior yoga pose

Looking to try an indoor workout? Here is an example workout that you can try in the comfort of your own home.

Bridge pose illustration


Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet fat on the ground. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and raise your hips towards the ceiling. Point your knees forward, try to prevent your knees from moving outward. Slowly lower your hips back to the ground and repeat. Start slow, you should feel this exercise in your glutes and the back of your legs. Need a challenge? Consider marching your feet.

Chair squat illustration

Chair Squat

Stand in front of a chair facing away with your feet shoulder feet apart. Roll shoulders back, chest up and look straight ahead. Slowly bend knees and drive hips back so you tap the chair and then slowly come back up. Be sure to put your weight in your heels to prevent knee strain. You should feel this exercise in your glutes and the front and back of your legs. Modification: Start sitting and then slowly stand with our hand on a wall. Eventually, take your hand off the wall.

donkey kick illustration

Donkey Kick

Start on all fours with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Engage your core with your back flat, look straight ahead. Keep your knee bent and your foot flat and push your heel towards the ceiling. Slowly lower. You should feel this exercise in your core, shoulders and back of your legs.

Plank illustration


Plant hands directly underneath shoulders with back flat, core engaged and looking straight ahead. Modification: If this strains your back, lower your knees or try tapping one knee on the ground at a time. Start with holding your plank for 20 secs and eventually build up time. You should feel this exercise in your core and shoulders, not in your back.